Chapter 2

Nellie was excitedely running around her parisian cafe serving cofee, croissants, and more. There were two reasons for her excitment. First of all she was excited bacause it was her first day running her own cafe, and she was looking forward to seeing her kiddos the next day. It was only 3:00 p.m. but Nellie was already tired. Thankfully, 3 hours ago she had hired 13 people to help her with the business, so now she could sit down and rest if and when she wanted. one bonus of owning the cafe, as Nellie had noticed was that you could help yourself to the food at no expense. of course she did have to pay for the ingredients, but that was a minor detail. She was just beginning to enjoy her chamomile tea and croissant with strawberries and home-made whipped cream, when a man sat down beside her. he struck up a conversation and somehow within ten short minutes Nellie realized that they were talking about the Cahills. “you’re a Lucian right?” asked Nellie. “You caught me,” The man replied.”I just wanted to check if you really were Nellie.” “I see… So why did you come?” the man just pulled a hypodermic syringe out of his pocket, but as soon as she saw it, Nellie got up, and found herself suround by her employees.

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