Chapter 3

Dan and Amy ran for what seemed like an eternity. they were as tired as any one could ever be. luckily for them, though, they saw a taxidriving down the road fromthe beach. They hailed it down and told the driver to take them to the Mauna Loa hotel, wait for them outside while tyhey packed their bags, and then take them to the airport. packing was difficult for them, since they didn’t expect to be leaving so early. They were in a hurry, so they stuffed all they could into their suitcases and backpacks, and then stuffed the rest into empty grocery bags. When they arrived at the airportthey booked a flight to Boston, Massachusetts. then they repacked their clothes so that they would allfit in their suitcases. After they had passed customs Dan had decided to buy as many snacks as he could stuff in his backpack, which was quite alot, since it was empty except for his laptop. it was almost boarding time for their flight, so they walked down to their gate and began boarding. As soon as they got in their seats Dan turned on the TV and began watching cartoons. The flight was mostly uneventful except for the part when there was turbulence and Dan puked up half of his snacks, which made Amy laugh so hard that she almost rolled out of her seat. she told Dan that the next time they go on a flight he should buy a bit less snacks. Dan just glared at her and kept on vomiting. When they landed they texted Nellie, but because she wasn’t answering they decided that she must be at her cafe, busy. So they strolled down to the cafe and were surprised to see Nellie lying on the ground unconsious.

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