The adventures of SuperMax

Hello, there I’m SuperMax, a twelve year old super hero who leads a double life. While there is no one to save, or help I’m just a kid named Max who lives with his parents and his little sister, named Dasha. But when there is saving or helping to be done I’m SuperMax the super hero granted with the power to stop time, super strength, superspeed, and super intelligence. Every day I have new adventures that I love to share with you. Speaking of adventures I should tell you about today’s adventure. As my mom, my sister, and I were on our way home we decided to take the light-rail home I was just beginning to relax when I realized that we boarded the wrong light-rail. We got off at the first stop and began to wait for the next tram that went the other way. It was on after half an hour that I realized that something was wrong. I froze time and sped to the rescue. As I got to the place of need, I found out that the rails were blocked, preventing the tram from continuing on its way. The blockade weighed twenty tons, so even I had troubles moving it. After that I sped back to where my mom and sis were and unfroze time. From there we had no trouble getting home.

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