Chapter 1

Dan woke up from his nightmare drenched in sweat. He was only 13 and yet he new the way to make a serum that would make you the smartest and most powerful person in the world. It was also extremely dangerous in its original form, because it would kill you within a week of drinking it unless you took the antidote within that time period. These were the two reasons why neither Dan nor Amy wanted to tell someone the formula, or drink the serum itself. Amy had drunk it once, in a desperate situation, and had barely survived, taking the antidote just in time. Dan looked around the Hawaiian hotel room and saw Amy sitting up in her bed just like he was. They both knew that the other had a nightmare because they had begun having nightmares more and more, ever since they had defeated Pierce and went on a vacation to take a break from the Cahill family. They had become paranoid that there would be more people like Pierce who would figure out the serum formula and try to eliminate them because of that. Today was the last day of their trip around the world. They had stopped in every fun place they could think of, such as Egypt, Las Vegas, and Paris. Because neither of them could sleep could sleep they decided to get packed and go surfing. By the time they had finished packing and had breakfast it was 6:30a.m. so they hailed a taxi and headed to the beach. After about 30 minutes of surfing, the dread hit Amy full on. Today they were going to return to Boston, Massachusetts and retake control of the Cahills this thought quickly dissipated as Amy looked back and saw a man reaching for Dan. “Dan!” She yelled. “Look out! Duck!” Dan ducked just as the man reached for him. The man lost his balance and fell off his board. Dan and Amy surfed in, grabbed their boards and bags,( fortunately located by the shore) and ran.

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