The crew returned home after the long night feeling really tired, and as soon as they got home they went straight to bed. This time, though everyone went to their own own bed, and slept almost 24 hours. They were happy to be able to finnaly sleep in without being anxious about having to save someone the next day, or night for that matter. By morning everyyone woke up feeling very refreshed. As they got up, Nellie cooked a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs, and oatmeal. Everyone ate a triple portion of each. They were as hungry as wolves. After scarfing down their breakfast, the set to work. Cara went to work fixing the security cameras, but had no success with retrieving the lost video feed. Insteadshe decided to make it more protect from hackers, by setting up acouple of extra security programs. Dan set to work taking apart his metal detector. and rebuilding everything that he had taken apart to build it. He rebuilt the game systems that he had taken apart to get the right cables that he needed. Thankfully Dan had photographic memory, so he was don e with that job pretty quickly. Next, he had to remake the brass dishes that he had used to mold the exterior of the metal detector. After that, he reinstalled the klaxon into the vehicle that he had taken it from. Finnaly, he was able to go into his game room, play video games, and chat with Atticus, his best friend, who was also a genius. Meanwhile, Amy was catching up with all that she had missed during her 6 month vacation. She decided to let a representative from each branch to help her lead the Cahills. From the Lucians she chose Ian. From the Ekats she chose Cara. From the Tomas she chose Hamilton. From the Janus she chose Jonah.

The End

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