Chapter 9

Dan looked everywhere for any signs of his friends and/or family. He looked in Amy’s room, in Nellie’s room, and in Ian’s room. He even looked in Command Central and the cellar. He was just about to give up and go play his video games, when he remembered that Cara needed to be rescued. He thought that perhaps Amy had told the others to leave witout him, but when he checked, all 10 of their vehicles were in the garage. Dan tried to look over the security camera videos, but something strange happened. One moment Nellie was on the couch, and the next, she was gone.

Dan went went to work building a metal detector. He felt extremely lonely while he was downloading the blueprints for a metal detector. Once he printed the blueprint out out, he set to work finding the materials that he needed to build it. The easiest to find was brass, and even that was difficult to find. The next thing on the list was an extra strong magnet. This took him a good 20 minutes. Then he had to find a bunch of different cables. By the time he found everything it was already morning. Dan just decided to keep working. He molded the brass into the right shape, attaching the wires to the magnet, the claxon, and his home made button. Before he tested it out, Dan decided to eat. He had been awake for over twelve hours now, and he was starving. While Dan ate he tried to stay awake, but he felt his eyes drooping. Then he fell face first into his food, fast asleep.

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