Chapter 8

Locating the vault was difficult on it’s own, but geting to it was even more difficult. First of all, no charted roads led to it, so they had to guess what roads to go on. Their faces were set in grim determination. Everyone was anxious. Dan was anxious because he was sort of looking forward to seeing robots with plasma pistols, and hewanted to help save Cara as quickly as possible. Amy just wanted to save Cara without losing her life, Dan losing his, or Nellie losing hers. Ian just wabted to see Cara alive and well, since she was his girlfriend, and he didn’t want another person that he loved, to die (the first had been his little sister, Natalie). Nellie was just anxious for her kiddos (Dan and Amy) to survive. She was prepared to die for them. The crew had taken so mny wrong turns that they had to come back and refuel so many times that it turned out that they had spent over $500 only on gas. By the time they got to the end of the main uncherted road it was already bright outside, and they had still not found the vault, even after looking through each secondary road. By the time the got home they were so tired that they had just enough time to set an alarm for 9:00p.m. before they fell asleep.

Dan’s dreams were muddled, and he dreamt of magic, and about how magic is just illusions. He dreamt of buried treasure and landmines and how people found them with metal detectors. He also dreamt of the setting of a book he read, were a godess named Hekate lived in her shadowrealm that was hidden behind an illusion of trees.

As Dan woke up he realized that his dream had explained what to do. He ran downstairs to announce the news, but found himself alone.

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