Chapter 7

At this fresh piece of news everyone’s hopes grew, but then shrunk as Ian continued his explanation, “She is kept in a well guarded vault nearby. Sadly, though, it’s well guarded by six robots with infra-red cameras and plasma pistols that will disintegrate you on the spot. Also, during the day they have motion sensor cameras. This being said it is impossible to attack by day, but by night, with the proper equipment, we could attempt a break out.” They set to work with their hopes up high. There was much to be done, and little time to do it. They had to make 4 alluminum suits, since alluminum could reflect body heat. Also, they would need a metal cutter to break through the chains that possibly held Cara. While they were working, Ian briefed them on the “mission” details, “When you get within 200 ft. of the vault put on your suits. Any sooner and you’ll cook yourself. Any later and you risk getting disintegrated. Once you get in, don’t close the vault door, or else you’ll be locked in there forever.”

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