Chapter 6

Amy pointed the outline out to the others. As they zoomed in more, the outline became more vivid. It was unmistakeabley a menacing bear with its claws extracted and its toungue stuck out. “It could still be a red herring, though,” Nellie commented doubtfully. “It is our best lead, though, so why not follow it?” Dan replied. In the end they had decided to contact the the Tomas branch leaders about the problem. They made their way¬† back to Command Central. Command Central was a humungeous room with two computer databases. One database, containing all the Cahill files, was connected to a single 92″ monitor. The second, filled with Cahill cantact information, was connected to multiple 15″ screens. Amy powered up the second database, preparing to talk to the Tomas leaders. The moment the last Tomas leader connected Amy explained the situation to them. They were outraged, their faces turning tomato red with anger. “The Tomas would never do such a thing!” One man shouted angrily. It took all of twenty minutes and all of Amy’s diplomatic abillities to calm them down and to explain that she did not suspect that the leaders had done these atrocius deeds, but some renegade members of the Tomas branch. Amy explained that the places they were looking at the most were the Hawaiian section of the branch and the Boston section, were the attacks had happened. As Amy shut down the computers Ian burst into the room panting. “I know where Cara is,” He wheezed.

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