Chapter 5

Dan, Amy, and Nellie tried to open the door but to no avail. Luckily the door opened towards the inside, so they kicked it open with ease. As soon as they got in they were faced by an iris scanner that had scanned each of their irises before retreating into the wall. as soon as it left, a voice scanner popped up, telling them tosay hello. Finally they were able togo up to command centre, where they found Ian consulting all of the Cahill leaders about something. As they walked into the room the other cahills started happily yelling in so many diferent langauges that it was impossible to understand what they were saying. “Dan, Amy!” Ian exclaimed.”Why are you here so early?” “Well…” Dan began. “Someone tried to kidnap me…” “And then omeone knocked Nellie unconcious.” “You too!?” Ian exclaimed, startled. “Wait a minute, was Cara kidnapped?” Ian told Dan and Amy what had happened to him. First, some men had come through the chimney, then they injected some sedative into Ian, and lastly they kidnaped Cara. Ian knew the last bit because of the security cameras installed all around the house. Amy got a brilliant idea. “Ian,” She commanded.”Zoom in on the kidnappers.” Ian did so, and Amy saw they Lucian crest, but underneath she saw a faint outline of the Tomas crest.

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