Chapter 4

thankfully the cafe was unlocked, so Dan and Amy came in and brought Nellie to her senses by splashing cold water on her face. When she came to, Nellie almost broke Amy’s jaw with a solid front-snap kick. Then Nellie realized that it was just Dan and Amy and she told them them wat had happened. The man who claimed he was a Lucian was part of a group of Lucians called the voiders. They wanted to separate the Cahill branches once again and start another war. They had then injected something into Nellie that had knocked her out. Nellie had expected it to be poison, but it turned out to be just a minor sedative, which wasn’t a Lucian type of thing. Dan, Amy and Nellie walked back to command central while Dan and Amy explaind why they had come early. “this cant be a coincidence,”Nellie said. “the same people must be behind both of thes attacks.” “Yeah,” replied Dan. “But Lucians dont surf.” “Who else could it be?” “Dan, Nellie!” Amy exclaimed. “I figured it out! It’s a completely different branch. Now that I started thinking about it I remember that the guy on the surf board was buff. That means that he was deffinetely not Lucian.” Dan understood her logic, but felt frustrated that he couldnt figure it out. They were already at mansion door. They hit the intercom button outside and said,”Ian, Cara we’re home!” No one replied.

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