Chapter 14

Dan ran into the wooded area so that he could he could hide if he needed to. Since Dan didn’t hear any shouts from behind him, he looked back and saw only the vault dood, which was still open. Dan hid behind tree , jut in case  it was a trap, and obsereved what happened next. Dan was expecting something bad to appen, such as perhaps a heat seeking missile launching out of an unseen missile launcher. This was a  silly thought, of course,since the kidnappers wouldn’t want to blow up a couple of houses while attempting to kill one kid. Then Dan noticed a head poking out of the vault. It looked alot like Cara’s head. Then she emerged completely, only to let Amy come out. After Amy came Ian, and after him came Nellie. Dan almost leapt out of his hiding spot, but thought that there might be guards escorting them to some different prison, but after 7 minutes of waiting, Dan lost his patience. He lept up, and hurtled himself at his friends. When he tackled Amy, she was so surprised, that she fell over. Then Dan started to pummel them with questions. “Why didn’t you take me with you guys?”He asked. “Why didn’t you return home? How did you survive? Why did you shut off the security cameras while you left?” “Calm down Dan,”Amy replied.”It’ impossible to understand you.” Dan asked the questions again, this time, though, he calmed down and Amy understood what he was saying.”To answer the first question,” Amy replied. “You looked so tired after our first trip that we decided to let you sleep. To answer the second question, locked ourselves in by accident when we came inside. You see, we forgot to leave the vault door open, and we got stuck inside. Thankfully, though, we had some food and water with us, which answers your third qustion. And as for the fourth question, we had no idea about the security cameras shutting off.” “Well,” Dan concluded. “The good news is that you’re safe, but the bad news is that the kidnappers are still at large.”

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