Chapter 13

The walk was uneventful, which made Dan so nervous, that he couldn’t stop shaking while he was walking. He was anxious because he had a hunch that something bad would happen as soon as he got near Cara. This thought made Dan determined to save her really quickly. He broke into a run, and saw a glint of brass in the moonlight. At first Dan was unsure what it was, but then he remembered his abandoned metal detector. He took it out, and sure enough it was the metal detector. Dan decided to take it along with him just in case the vault was buried under some dirt. Once Dan got to the secret entrance to the road that led to Cara’s vault (or so he hoped) he got out his thermos with ice cubes and his suit. He did this to be prepared to put his suit on at a moments notice. He kept moving, even though he was a fraid that the robots might pop up at any moment and disintegrate him on the spot. As he reached the 200 foot mark, Dan noticed that the sun was rising, but it was too lte to turn back, now that he had made it this far. He decided to put his suit on inside out to deflect the plasma beams for the pistols using the reflective surface of the suit. Hopefully his plan would work, and instead of killing Dan, the robots would kill themselves. This last lesson Dan had found out during a game of laser tag during his and Amy’s vacation. this last thought about Amy Dan a pang in his heart, since he still needed to rescue her after he rescued Cara. As Dan ran toward the vault he was surprised that nothing attacked him, and he reached the vault doorwithout any problems. As he opened the vault up he was struck by lots of light and a loud sound. “Oh no,” He thought. “I’m caught.”

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