Chapter 12

Dan stood up with a groan. He knew that he shouldn’t have attempted to ram anything with his head, but it had been too tempting to do something fun during serious work. Now Dan had a blooming headache, and he still needed to get back home by foot. It was already almost morning, so Dan had to get home quickly enough to be able to double check each part of the house before falling asleep. The walk home was so uneventful that Dan also had enough time to eat after checking each part of the house. This time, though, he made it to bed before falling asleep. Dan was so tuckered out because of his long day, that when he fell asleep, he had no dreams. When Dan woke up, he realized something that made him scream. He was sleeping in Amy’s bed! Then, after he started to think about it, he just felt worse. He still hadn’t found anyone that he cared for. He hadn’t even foud Cara, Whom he’d been looking for, for so long that he had no ideas how many days had passed since Ian had last seen her. Dan felt guilty for everyones disappearance. This thought made Dan even more determined to save at least Cara, and hopefully also save Amy, Nellie, and Ian. First of all he had to focus on saving Cara. After that, she could help him undo the glitches on the security cameras which would help in finding out where the others were. Dan set to work packing his backpack with all the necessities for the liberation: a thermos with ice cubes to put in his suit to cool him off, 5 anti bodyheat suits, food, and water. After finishing with packing, Dan sat down to a late breakfast (it was 9:30 p.m.). It consisted of plain old cereal and milk. After breakfast Dan set out to save Cara.

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