Chapter 11

Halfway through the trek Dan felt really thirsty. It was only then that Dan realized that he hadn’t brought anything other than the metal detector. He had even forgotten to bring the suits that were essential to getting past the robots with plasma pistols, who could disintegrate him on the spot if their cameras caught sight of his heat radiation. He decided to first find the secret entrance, and then return for the rest of the material, later. Thankfully there was a gas station next to the uncharted road, so Dan went inside, bought two bottles of water, drank the everything in the first one, stuffed the other on into his pocket, nad continued on. As he approached the first intersection on the uncharted road, Dan realized something very depressing. He didn’t even need the metal detector that he had put so much effort into. He knew that it was worth quite alot both moneteraly and sentimentaly, which was the only reason why he didn’t smash it. He had been so joyful just moments ago, and now that joy wasreplaced with sorrow and anger. He wanted to break something, or hurt someone, but he restisted this urge, hid the the metal detector in some bushes, marked the exact location on his GPS, and trudged on. Dan was surprised at how easy it was to find the secret entrance to the road that led to Cara’s vault. On the third intersection, When he turned right, Dan saw a shimmering forest wall, so, hoping that the trees were fake, he lowered his head and charged. Luckily for him the trees were fake, but his luck ended right there, because the trees 3 feet behind the fake forest wall were real.

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