Chapter 10

Upon waking up Dan felt very refreshed. He had slept from ten o’clock in th morning untill nine o’clock in the evening. He was still depressed, though, because he still hadn’t found anybody that he cared for. He was hopeful, but he didn’t expect to find anyone. After he washed the mashed potatoes off his face, he went searching through the house, just in case he could find out whether the people that he cared for were stuck in a placelike a closet, were there weren’t any security cameras. Of course, he found no one. After that, he checked again, but did not have any more succes then the last time he had checked. Just then D an remembered that he needed to test his metal detector, so he went to the room were he had left it, but was surprised to find it taken apart and neatly put in seperate piles. He was lucky to have photographic memory, so it simplified the task of rebuilding the metal detector. He was done in one our, which was quite quick, since last time it took him 3 hours to build. When he was done, he looked at all the security camera videos to see who had taken it apart, but once again he found no useful information. Once he had done that he went outside with a piece of iron and his metal detector. He buried the iron a couple of feet away from the house, plugged his headphones into his metal detector, moved a couple feet away, and powered it up. As he got close to where the iron was the metal detector started beeping, and it grew louder the closer he got. Dan’s heart leapt with joy, but to make sure that the metal detector really worked, Dan redid the test in a different spot. Sure enough as though a miricle had occured, it worked once again. So, Dan began his long, night-time trip with the metal detector (that was really heavy) slung over his houlder.

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